Student Pastor

Internship Program

The student pastor internship at Eden Baptist Church is born out of our conviction to biblically train and equip the next generation of church leaders for faithful ministry within Christ’s church. As a student pastor pursues his formal theological training in the seminary classroom, we seek to build upon that knowledge through personal discipleship and practical ministry opportunities.

This internship is not intended to serve merely as a way for us to staff church programs. On the contrary, it is intended to expose young men to all aspects of local church ministry, while focusing time, attention, and resources on their theological and personal development. We recognize that God may not lead every student pastor into vocational pastoral ministry, but as God allows, we aim to see each young man equipped for a lifetime of faithful service within the church of Jesus Christ.

Expectations and Requirements


Growing Church Member

  • Participate in the life and ministry of our church
  • Seek opportunities both to be discipled and to disciple others
  • Meet with at least 6 different people or families per year
  • Acceptance to the internship program requires the approval of the elders.

Growing Man and Leader

  • Attend elders meetings (during year 2 and either year 3 or 4)
  • Attend any other meeting upon request (new member interviews, shepherding visit, deacon’s meeting, etc.)
  • Attend Shepherding Seminars and Leadership Development meetings
  • Attend monthly Student Pastor meetings (includes service review & other discussions)
  • Attend conferences/pastoral meetings with elders and staff
  • After fall and spring semesters, write a 3–5 page bi-annual self-assessment paper
  • Meet individually with elders to discuss your paper
  • Bi-annual testimony to the church
  • Reading and writing assignments (normally given during seminary breaks)
  • Participate in the Deacon-in-Training Program


Ministry Opportunities


This is a sample. Some opportunities will come sooner than others, and frequency may vary, but we hope for your participation in all of them by the final year. The goal is for you to learn and grow as you allow others to assess your giftedness and offer helpful evaluation, encouragement, and critique.


  • Plan, organize, and lead a ministry activity (teen, college and career, adult)
  • Work with deacons or elders to assist with the oversight of a particular ministry
  • Lead Wednesday evening prayer meeting
  • Lead the Lord’s Supper
  • Lead a home group
  • Lead in a Call to Worship, Scripture Reading, or Pastoral Prayer on Sunday morning
  • Plan a Sunday morning service and lead it
  • Teach a Sunday morning Bible Class (youth or adult)
  • Preach on a Sunday evening

Finances & Scholarship


In addition to tuition assistance available for all in the program, we currently have one part-time Pastoral Assistant position that receives a salary and normally lasts 2–3 years. Our current scholarship policy includes a total of $16,500 over the course of the seminary program.

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