Current Bible Classes

General Information

  • Age-specific classes are held for children and youth ages 2.5 years through 12th grade.
  • Elective courses are offered each quarter for adults. We are currently in the 2nd Quarter, spanning April 8 – June 17.
  • To find help with room assignments, stop at the welcome station located in the lobby.
  • Nursery is provided.


  • Taught by Rich Penix (Conference Room)
  • Course Description: This class will consider foundational truths of the gospel, address conflicting worldviews to the gospel, and discuss gospel presentation methods in real-life settings.

Divine Providence

  • Taught by Dan Miller (Auditorium)
  • Course Description: This class will consider the nature of God’s continuing influence upon our universe and the unfolding of human history. With an in-depth investigation of Scripture, this course emphasizes the glories of God’s sovereign rule over all things, challenges faulty views about God, and considers the practical application of this doctrine to daily life.

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