Current Bible Classes

General Information

  • Age-specific classes are held for children and youth ages 2.5 years through 12th grade.
  • Elective courses are offered each quarter for adults. We are currently in the 2nd Quarter, spanning
    April 7–June 30.
  • To find help with room assignments, stop at the welcome station located in the lobby.
  • Nursery is provided.


  • Taught by Dan Miller (AP Room)
  • Course Description: This course seeks to establish a biblical philosophy of parenting and presents strategies and practices by which to apply that philosophy in daily living. This course is designed for parents of younger children, as well as for single adults and young married couples who anticipate raising children in the future. It will also prove helpful for parents of teens who need to bolster or re-think matters of parental philosophy.

Christian Biographies

  • Taught by Rich Penix (Auditorium)
  • Course Description: In this class, we will journey through church history as we examine the lives of ordinary saints from all eras who continue to inspire hope in God for us today.

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