Current Bible Classes

General Information

  • Age-specific classes are held for children and youth ages 2.5 years through 12th grade.
  • Elective courses are offered each quarter for adults. We are currently in the 3rd Quarter, spanning
    July 14–September 30.
  • To find help with room assignments, stop at the welcome station located in the lobby.
  • Nursery is provided.

Single Adults

  • Taught by Dan Miller (AP Room 9)
  • Course Description: Single adults ages 18–25 are invited to join this course meeting only July 14, August 4 & 11. This discipleship-oriented series will seek to edify young adults as they navigate life challenges common to this stage of life.

Doctrine of Man & Sin

  • Taught by Paul Perdue & Eliot DeLorme (Auditorium)
  • Course Description: We will consider what God’s Word says about a variety of issues relating to man and sin. Topics include: theistic evolution, the image of God & the nature of man, biblical manhood & womanhood, gender & sexuality, the fall & total depravity, and the problem of evil.

New Testament Introduction

  • Taught by Erik Queen, Devin Wilkins, and Keith Kresge (AP Room)
  • Course Description: We will seek to build a foundational understanding of the 21 books that detail our salvation and the formation of the church as we seek to live out their calling on our lives.

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